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Thursday 30 June 2016

Recent Trips and Visitors

June has been a very full month. We began with Canon Michael Ryan's Golden Jubilee Mass at St George's. Pictures from the display about Fr Michael's life in Ireland and Yorkshire are still up in the Upper Room for those who would like to go and take a look.P1120500
We had a pilgrimage to Lourdes with the Diocese.........P1120172P1120038-1

P1120169......and another smaller one to Pantasaph and Holywell in North Wales.imageMeanwhile a lot of visitors came to see us, including eight priests from the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles on a Retreat/Pilgrimage (no photo), all the seminarians from Oscott College in BirminghamOscott 2 and the Staff of the Maryvale Institute (Adult Formation) also in Birmingham.IMG_1630If only the weather had been a bit better. Here's hoping for July!