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Friday 27 January 2017

Congratulations to Sr Agatha CJ

Sr Agatha CJ of the Bar Convent is known to many of us in York. She has just published a book about her life as a nun which is rightly enjoying a great success.  Here are some details (with acknowledgement to the Bar Convent Website).

41y171gqe8L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_“I was excited, gloriously happy, and secure in my future chosen life.  I had always wanted to be married and have children. Now I was going to do just that. My right hand came to a stop as I considered what else I needed to say, then I began to write again: “… but I am to become a nun.” 

Shirley Leach lived a life of luxury. A debutante with enviable wealth, a grand estate, a devoted fiancé and everything she’d ever dreamt of, she had the perfect life.  In the middle of writing a letter to her partner about their life together, she received a calling from God and gave it all up to become Sister Agatha.

A Nun’s Story is a multi-faceted tale of sacrifice, heart break, bravery and sheer determination. From saving her close-to-bankrupt convent with help from John Paul Getty, to meeting a murderer on a train, the Sister’s life has been nothing but extraordinary. Agatha is now a recognized public speaker and has begun to share her story worldwide, inspiring all who hear it.

This all-encompassing tale of belief and bravery has captivated many and will only continue to do so as her remarkable story spreads.

Sr Agatha's interview with Graham Norton on BBC Radio Two can be heard here.  We hear she is also scheduled to have an episode of Songs of Praise featuring her story.C1qYqUwXcAAi3Ju-192x108