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Thursday 13 July 2017

A New Deacon for the Diocese of Middlesbrough

Rev. Richard Marsden was recently ordained to the diaconate for the diocese. Richard's uncle, Fr Michael Marsden, was Parish Priest here at St Wilfrid's for many years. We will ask Richard to exercise his diaconal ministry at a Mass here as soon as he is able. Meanwhile please keep him in your prayers as he continues his studies in Rome for the priesthood. Richard is pictured here in the chapel of the English College Villa at Palazzola where he was ordained. Parishioners of St Wilfrid's and St Joseph's will recognise Fr David Standen who went over for the ceremony.IMG_2755If you are interested in pursuing a vocation to the diocesan priesthood please look at this link. If you are interested in a vocation to the York Oratory-in-Formation please email Fr Richard.