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Wednesday 23 August 2017

New shield in the church

Bishop Terence has sent us a shield with his coat of arms to display in St Wilfrid's along with those of the other Bishops of Middlesbrough whose arms can be seen in various places around the church, notably around the back of the sanctuary and at the end of the choir stalls.

It took three men and a scaffolding tower to get it into position at the back of the church! It is very visible if you look up as you leave.

A bishop's arms tell us two things.

They tell us something about the person. The deer on the shield refer to the deer in the psalms that yearns for running streams. The red rose shows he is from Lancashire - a fault we have to forgive! And the two white roses tell us that his diocese is made up of two Yorkshire Ridings, the North and the East. His motto - Expectantes beatam spem - means awaiting the joyful hope which is how Bishop Terence always ends his Pastoral Letters.

They tell us that he is a bishop - that's what the green hat and tassels symbolise - and in turn that he is in communion with the See of Rome and that Catholics in this diocese are united through our Bishop with the Universal Church.IMG_2829IMG_2828

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