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Wednesday 17 April 2019

Holy Week and Easter Services

ResurrectionFor details of the service times at St Wilfrid's and St Joseph's for Holy Week and Easter, please click here.

Fr Richard is copying here (with permission!) Canon Alan Sheridan's explanation of the Easter Triduum from the St George's Parish Website:

Maundy Thursday

This celebration commemorates the Last Supper, the institution of the Eucharist, the institution of the priesthood and the call to service of all Christians. All of the Triduum Services contain all of the others in embryo as it were. We cannot celebrate the Last Supper without thinking about Good Friday, we cannot think of Eucharist without thinking about the Lord’s body, blood, soul and divinity – glorified and resurrected as well as crucified. The Period of Watching the Blessed Sacrament after the Mass represents the Agony in the Garden – Can you not watch with me one hour?

Good Friday

Is NEVER a Mass. Mass is a celebration – we commemorate today the Lord’s dying and mourn Him. The Passion is read; we adore a symbol of the True Cross – the crucifix reminds us of the higher reality; we receive Communion consecrated at Mass the previous evening. One of the keynotes of the Service is silence – we enter in silence and we leave in silence. But we cannot ignore the fact that we know He will rise again – our mourning is tempered by our knowledge of our salvation.

Holy Saturday

This is a day of mourning. The Lord lies silent in the tomb.


The Easter Vigil belongs properly to Easter Sunday, not Holy Saturday – it is supposed to begin after dark. It is a celebration of victory – light over darkness, new life over death. The Vigil is the most important service of the Church’s year. Some people are put off because they fear the length of the Vigil. It involves 4 separate elements: The Service of Light – blessing of fire and proclamation of Christ as our light, the lighting of the Easter Candle and proclamation of the Exultet; the liturgy of the Word – the most important proclamation of the Word – we re-live Salvation history from Creation to Resurrection; the blessing of the Baptismal Waters – and we have adults to be baptised and received into full communion. Please come along and support your new brothers and sisters. Finally there is the Liturgy of the Eucharist. It is a most moving and exciting service.