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Wednesday 4 April 2018

Holy Week and Easter: Thanks and Congratulations

Congratulations to Sarah Marley, Leo Marley, Laura Muñoz, Ariel Gonzalez, and Deborah Poxton from our Evangelium/RCIA Group who were baptised, confirmed or received into full communion with the Catholic Church at this year's Easter Vigil.IMG_6589

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the church look spectacular once again, and to our musicians and servers.

And thank you to those who sent or posted photos. A selection follows, including the Paschal Candle, beautifully painted by our own parishioner Rad Bolcar; the Altar of Repose; Good Friday; the Vigil - including an interesting time-lapse of the congregation entering with the Paschal Candle; and the Choir and Young Adults' Easter Sunday Buffet.

Thank you and congratulations once more to everyone and Happy Easter.IMG_0005-1IMG_0008-1IMG_0009 IMG_0007-1IMG_0001IMG_0003-1 IMG_0002-4IMG_0006