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Friday 8 November 2019

A new Oratory in Manchester

f1efe60e-0308-4f9f-8f54-af321b6d0371The Fathers and Brothers of the York Oratory-in-Formation are delighted to congratulate our brothers in Manchester on today's announcement from Rome. (Website in Italian. Fr Richard's translation follows.)

The Procurator of the Oratorian Confederation is delighted to announce that the Holy Father, Pope Francis, has established the Oratory-in-Formation in Manchester as an independent Oratory by a decree dated 1 November, 2019, the Solemnity of All Saints.

The Manchester Oratory is the fourth independent community in the United Kingdom and began life at the Church of the Holy Name in Manchester in 1992.

Successive procurators have guided the community from its beginnings, helping it and supporting it in the spirit of St Philip Neri, so as to achieve the canonical approval of the Holy See. Particular mention must be made of our dear brother in St Philip, Fr Jerome Bertram of the Oxford Oratory who died only a few weeks ago. For many years he was the Procurator's Delegate for the community in formation in Manchester.

The apostolate of the new Congregation is the Church of St Chad (7th Century Apostle of Mercia) and chaplaincy work in a hospital, a prison and a school.

The brethren of the Manchester Oratory at its foundation are Fr Raymond Matus (moderator), Fr Christopher Hilton, Fr Richard Bailey, Br Gerard Connett and Br Fabian Trevithick.

1b8e66a1-1cd2-4448-9f7f-8d16029f195eYour prayers are asked, through St Philip Neri and St John Henry for our Holy Father Pope Francis, for the Confederation of the Oratory and for the new Congregation of Manchester.

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