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Wednesday 18 March 2020

No Public Masses at St Wilfrid's, St Joseph's or the Shrine

The Bishops of England and Wales have suspended all public worship in our churches from Friday, 20th March. This is on government advice, and in common with many other places in the world, including Rome itself.

The statement from the Bishops of England and Wales can be read here.

There will also be severe limitations on the celebration of other sacraments and funerals. Please see the more detailed guidance from the Bishops here.

St Wilfrid's will remain open for prayer and confessions. The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed at the usual time of 11.30am from Monday to Saturday and we will continue the period of exposition and confessions until 12.45pm when the Mass would normally have ended.

It is important that if you come to church you keep a good distance (two metres or seven feet) between you and other people. We will provide sanitising gel as soon as it becomes available. To avoid contamination from the confessional doors confessions will be heard in St Philip's Chapel.

All Masses at St Wilfrid's and St Joseph's will be as normal up to and including Friday 20th March.

On Thursday 19th March, St Joseph's Day, there will be an EF Mass at 8am in the Shrine of Our Lady of York. This Mass will be live streamed on the internet and remain available to watch for the rest of the day. There will be Mass St Joseph's at 9.15am with the Blessing of the new statue of St Joseph. The 12.10pm Mass will be the Requiem Mass for the late Joyce Kilmartin.

On Friday 20th March there will be Mass as usual at St Joseph's at 9.15am and at St Wilfrid's at 12.10pm. There will be no live streamed Mass on Friday. After that there will be no public worship in any of the York Oratory Churches - or in any church in the country - until further notice.

We will offer Mass in the Shrine of Our Lady of York every day. There will be a Daily Mass in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms. These Masses will be streamed live from Saturday, 21st March.

From Monday to Friday the EF Mass will be streamed at 8.15am and the English Mass with a homily at 9.00am.

On Saturday and Sunday EF Mass will be streamed at 9.15am and the English Mass with a homily at 10.00am.

These Masses will be available to watch for the remainder of the day on which they are celebrated.

St Wilfrid's Church will open later than our usual opening times to allow us time to celebrate the Masses but we should be open by 9.45am on weekdays and 11am on Sundays.

Please continue to look at the website regularly to see updated information and news of other streamed services. The article below has a little more information together with some guidance for making some spiritual sense of these difficult times. There is also a very helpful short address from the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster available on YouTube. Our community prayers will continue as usual and among our many intentions will be the health and well-being of our parishioners and friends.

May the Lord bless and protect you all and may the prayers of Mary, His holy Mother and ours, bring you comfort and peace.