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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Home Altars

All sorts of things are happening online. Br Henry and Br David have their Canon Law classes by Skype and the First Holy Communion Preparation still continues. Here are some pictures of the home altars some of our children have set up.5f13dde3-75f7-43b8-920c-50c135466b38 10a3b1f7-b389-4060-abb7-ec117b3e18cc 79e46344-1f3a-4795-a378-e9f316beddde 201cadb3-f8dd-4319-8817-644926b8ad82 512b2931-a96f-4649-9a72-32ff11e46dfd 546e0de0-71dd-4ca6-9e75-7a26751ff473-1 23577f69-b18f-487f-b217-d2d1c5eccaa7 d512381e-3361-480d-8240-13d17c99cf58Don't forget that you can watch Mass live streamed from the Shrine of Our Lady of York every day. There is also a daily Rosary and some other services. All these are available to view later. To access our services please click here.