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Thursday 10 December 2020

Mince Pie Victors


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The Winners for last week's Oratory Mince Pie Pageant are:

For the open-to-all category:

1st Place Irene Altares Lerma and Rachel Trend.


According to the judges: "Irene and Rachel’s  classic mince pies were delicate perfect pastry creations with just enough delicious mincemeat to leave you wanting more."

Class 2  Children’s Cookery aged 4-8 (2 Mince Pies decorated)

1st Place Kiera Tate


The judges said: "Kiera’s clever mince pie Snowman made us smile and tasted as good as he looked."

Class 3 Children’s Cookery aged 8-14 (2 Mince Pies decorated)

1st Place Armel Gravêthe

The judgement was: "Armel’s little pies of joy captured the Spirit of Christmas with each bite."


Highly Commended to:

Loïc Gravêthe and Meriadec Gravêthe


Betty’s  have very kindly donated some delicious prizes, which the winners will receive before Christmas.

Thank you to all who took part – and to the judges.  We look forward to your entries next year.