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Friday 14 May 2021

Come, Holy Spirit


After the Ascension, Our Lady and the Apostles stayed praying together in the Upper Room, awaiting the arrival of the Holy Spirit, who would impel the Church to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This prayer in the Upper Room was the first novena.

Our Holy Father, St Philip, in his youth spent ten years praying in the Roman catacombs, until on the vigil of Pentecost 1544 the Holy Spirit burst into his heart in the form of a ball of fire. Philip fell to the ground, overcome by this wound of love, and cried out, "No more Lord, no more!" For the rest of his life his heart remained double the normal size and gave off a great heat. Those drawing near to Philip's heart felt great consolation and solace. The love of God poured into Philip's heart impelled him to evangelize Rome, becoming the 'Third Apostle of Rome', and to found our Congregation for the good of souls.

We begin our own novena this Sunday, 16th May, to prepare for the Solemnity of St Philip on 26th May. The novena will be after Vespers (4pm) on Sundays, and after the 12.10pm Mass every other day.

Our main celebration this year will be at 6pm on Tuesday, 25th May: Solemn First Vespers and Benediction, followed by a reception in the garden.

The 12.10pm Mass on Wednesday 26th May will be a sung English Mass for St Philip's Day.

Saint Philip, Vessel of the Holy Ghost, Apostle of Rome - pray for us!