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Tuesday 18 May 2021

Saint Philip! I have never known a saint as I know thee


Watch Tuesday's Mass, Novena, and Benediction by clicking here.

On Day Three of the novena to our Glorious Patriarch we sing Father Faber's hymn, Saint Philip! I have never known. Here you can find the text of the novena prayers: SPN Novena; and here are the words of the hymn:

Saint Philip! I have never known
A Saint as I know thee;
For none have made their wills and ways
So plain for men to see!

I live with thee; and in my toil
All day thou hast thy part,
And then I come at night to learn
Thy picture off by heart.

O what a prayer thy picture is!
Was Jesus like to thee?
Whence hast thou caught that lovely look
That preaches so to me?

A blessing on thy name, dear Saint!
Blessing from young and old,
Whom thou in Mary’s gallant band
Hast winningly enrolled!

Philip! strange missioner thou art,
Biding so still at home,
Content if with the evening star
Souls to thy nets will come!

John’s love of Mary thou hast got;
Thy house is Mary’s home;
And then thou hast Paul’s love of souls,
With Peter’s love of Rome.

Thy heart that was so large and strong
It could not quiet bide,
O was it not like His that beats
Within a wounded Side?

O bless us, Philip! Saint most dear!
Thine Oratory bless,
And gain for those who seek thee there
The gift of Holiness!

Words: Fr Wilfrid Faber, Cong. Orat., 1849.