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Wednesday 19 May 2021

Philip, on thee the glowing ray


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The hymn we shall sing for the fourth day of St Philip's novena is our Cardinal's composition, Philip, on thee the glowing ray, which he entitled St Philip in his God. Here you can find the text of the novena prayers: SPN Novena; and here are the words of the hymn:

Saint Philip in his God.

Philip on thee the glowing ray
Of heaven came down upon thy prayer,
To melt thy heart, and burn away
All that of earthly dross was there.

Thy soul became as purest glass,
Through which the Brightness Increate,
In undimmed majesty might pass,
Transparent and illuminate.

And so, on Philip when we gaze,
We see the image of his Lord;
The Saint dissolves amid the blaze
Which circles round the Living Word.

Jesu to Philip's sons reveal
That gentlest wisdom from above,
To spread compassion o'er their zeal,
And mingle patience with their love.

Saint John Henry Newman, Cong. Orat., Birmingham 1850.