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Monday 31 May 2021

Trinity Monday


Today is Trinity Monday, the feast day of our Cardinal's undergraduate college in Oxford.

John Henry Newman was an undergraduate and scholar of Trinity from 1816–22, and Trinity’s first Honorary Fellow, elected in 1877. In his Apologia pro Vita Sua, he wrote of how, on the eve of his conversion to Rome, he ‘….took leave of my first College, Trinity, which was so dear to me, and which held on its foundation so many who had been kind to me both when I was a boy, and all through my Oxford life. Trinity had never been unkind to me.’

St John Henry's memory of Trinity Monday throughout his life is shown by this letter he wrote on Trinity Monday 1868 to Thomas Short, his former tutor. (Fr William Neville, referred to, was another Father of the Birmingham Oratory who had been at Trinity.)

"MY DEAR SHORT,—It is fifty years today since I was elected Scholar of Trinity. And, as you had so much to do with the election, I consider you my first benefactor at Oxford. In memory of it I have been saying Mass for you this morning. I should not have ventured to write to tell you this, but, happening to mention it to William Neville, he said, 'Do write and tell him so, for I said Mass for him yesterday, being Trinity Sunday.' This letter will at least show the love we bear to you and old Trinity amid all changes. Take it as such, and believe me to be, affectionately yours—

Trinity College Chapel: