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Tuesday 22 June 2021

Merrily in Heaven


Today we celebrate the two most famous English martyrs, Saints John Fisher and Thomas More, who both died in 1535 in defence of Christian marriage and the authority of the successor of St Peter.

John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, was a Yorkshireman, born in Beverley and baptised in St Mary's Church. After study in Cambridge, Fisher was ordained on 17th December 1491 in the church of the Austin Friars in York. This stood in between Lendal and the Ouse (there being of course no Lendal Bridge at the time). He then became vicar of Northallerton, before returning to Cambridge.

St Thomas More said of St John Fisher, “I reckon in this realm no one man, in wisdom, learning and long approved virtue together, meet to be matched and compared with him.”