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Tuesday 31 August 2021

The Martyrs' Holy Triumph

Our pilgrimage in honour of St Margaret Clitherow and the martyrs of York passed through the streets these holy men and women themselves walked.

We began at the Bar Convent, where St Margaret's hand is venerated:PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-15-50 2We prayed the Litany of the York Martyrs:

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-15-53 2Ready to go:
PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-15-56 2Through Micklegate Bar, where the heads of many martyr saints have been displayed.

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-15-59Along Micklegate:

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-00 PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-01 2To the Ouse Bridge, where in the Toll Booth on 25th March 1586, Margaret Clitherow was crushed to death:

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-02 2 PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-03 2 PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-04On towards the Shambles:
PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-43 2


PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-46Outside the Shrine of St Margaret:

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-47 2 PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-48 PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-49 2

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-50After visits to the Shrine, we continued along the Shambles:

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-53 2 PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-53Into Low Petergate:

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-54PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-16-55Around the Minster:

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-17-48 2 PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-17-48

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-17-50 2Through the Dean's Park:

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-17-53 And eventually to the Oratory:

PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-17-55 Fr Stephen preaches at the Mass:

The elevation of the Chalice:
PHOTO-2021-08-30-21-17-56 2
St Margaret Clitherow and all the martyrs of York -

pray for us.