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Saturday 2 October 2021

Richard III Coming Home


Today is the birthday of King Richard III in 1452. This painting of the king is currently on display at the Yorkshire Museum in its Richard III Coming Home exhibition, and the Richard III Society is holding its AGM in York today - including meeting in the Lendal cellars this evening, where King Richard used to stay with the Augustinian friars.

Tommorrow's 12 noon Latin Mass will be offered for the repose of the king's soul, on behalf of the Richard III Society.

A Prayer used by the king:

Lord Jesus Christ, deign to free me, your servant King Richard, from every tribulation, sorrow and trouble in which I am placed…hear me, in the name of all your goodness, for which I give thanks, and for all the gifts granted to me, because you made me from nothing and redeemed me out of your bounteous love and pity from eternal damnation to promising eternal life.