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Friday 1 October 2021

To save souls is their desire

St Thérèse of Lisieux had a great admiration for St Joan of Arc. She wrote poetry about her:

Sweet martyr, our monasteries are yours.

You know well that virgins are your sisters,

And like you the object of their prayers Is to see God reign in every heart.

To save souls is their desire.

Ah! Give them your fire of apostle and martyr!

Thérèse also acted the part of Joan of Arc in a play performed within the cloister of Carmel:


Oratorians too have always been alive to the use of drama in bringing souls to God. Here are two of them in 2009, in Léonie Caldecott's Divine Comedy, written and performed to prepare for the visit of St Thérèse's relics. They are playing the parts of Thérèse's father -  St Louis Martin,  and of Monsignor Révérony, Vicar General of Bayeux.: