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Monday 25 October 2021

1,300 years since the death of St John of Beverley


This year marks the 1,300th anniversary of the death of St John of Beverley, secondary patron of the Diocese of Middlesbrough. Yesterday Bishop Drainey celebrated Mass in Beverley Minster to mark this.

St Bede tells us that John was blessed with the gift of healing and he records many accounts of his miracles including the time he spent with a deaf and mute boy: "He cured a youth of dumbness, even though the boy had never uttered a single word. On the second Sunday of Lent, John made the sign of the cross upon the youth’s tongue, and loosed it."

Bede explained how John patiently taught the boy the alphabet:

"He taught him to say “gea,” which signifies in Saxon Yea, then the letters of the alphabet, and afterwards syllables. Thus it was a combination of prayer, personal devotion and hard work that led the youth miraculously to obtain his speech."