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Friday 5 November 2021

Oratorian Requiem


Today at 6pm there will be a sung Requiem for deceased Fathers and Brothers of the Oratory.


Our prayers are asked for the following Fathers and Brothers, who have died during the past year:

Father Mario Corrado (Dino) Magnano of the Oratory at Acicatena

Father Marco Antonio González de León of the Oratory at Celaya in Mexico

Brother Rafael Paulet Vidal of the Oratory at Barcelona in Spain

Father Ludwig Bopp of the Oratory at Heidelberg in Germany

Father Heribert Bastel of the Oratory at Vienna in Austria

Father José Vitoriano Paz Delgado of the Oratory at Bogotà in Colombia

and Father Marian Kara of the Oratory at Poznań in Poland

and for those we have known:

Father Philip Lynch

Father Basil Lynch

Father Francis Etherington

Father Michael Day

and Father Gregory Winterton of the Birmingham Oratory;

Father Michael Napier

Father David Martin

Father Gregory Hemy

Father Wilfrid Tighe

and Father Hugh Barrett-Lennard of the London Oratory;

Father Jerome Bertram of the Oxford Oratory;

Father Guido Martinelli

Father Olgierd Kokoczinski

Father Alberto Venturoli

and Father Giuseppe Ferrari of the Roman Oratory;

and for Father David Hutton of the Bournemouth Oratory-in-formation.

Retribuere, dignare, Domine, omnibus, nobis bona facientibus propter nomen tuum, vitam aeternam. R. Amen.