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Saturday 6 November 2021

Blessed Salvio Huix Miralpeix

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Today is the feast of Blessed Salvio Huix Miralpeix, of the Oratory at Vic in Spain, later Bishop of Lerida. He is the first Oratorian martyr.

Early in the morning on the 5th August 1936 the bishop and twenty others were told that they were going to be taken for trial at Barcelona. Outside the city the lorries stopped by the cemetery and the prisoners were told to get out. Realizing they were about to be killed, the group asked their bishop for his blessing. He blessed them, saying, ‘Be brave, for within the hour we shall be reunited in the presence of the Lord.’ They recited the Credo together and were made to dig their own graves.

Mgr. Huix was offered the chance of saving his life if he would abjure the faith. He refused, but asked as a favour that he might be the last to die. As each was killed, the bishop blessed them. One of the militia men objected to that blessing and shot him through the hand, so he continued to bless them with his left hand.