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Monday 25 August 2014

Feast of St Margaret Clitherow

Saturday, 30th August is the Feast of St Margaret Clitherow, an important celebration for our parish, the City of York and the Diocese of Middlesbrough. There will be Mass as usual at 10am in the Shrine in the Shambles. In addition we will have a triduum of prayer in preparation for the feast after the 12.10pm Mass from Wednesday to Friday this week.

Those who know the Oratory will realise that St Margaret Clitherow coincides with the Oratorian memoria of Blessed Juvenal Ancina. We will celebrate him on the first available day after, that is Monday, 1st September.

While Newgate Market is being resurfaced and the stalls are down there are some good views of St Margaret's house and shrine from the rear. The Tudor elements are much clearer from that side.  Go to have a look if you can.