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Saturday 21 February 2015

Lent at St Wilfrid's



Fridays of Lent: Stations of the Cross at 11.30am

Friday Lent Lunches after the 12.10pm Mass

Joint Lenten Meditations at St Joseph’s & St Wilfrid’s

Sermon, Prayers and Benediction

“The Characters of the Passion”  

Thursdays at 6pm in St Joseph’s and St Wilfrid’s in alternate weeks. 19th February (St J’s), 26th February (St W’s), 5th March (St J’s), 12th March (St W’s), 19th March (St J’s), 26th March St W’s)



Apart from the usual times (Saturday, 10.45am - 12 noon and twenty minutes before every Msss) there will be a Day of Reconciliation on Saturday, 28th March Priests from the different York Parishes will be available for Confessions in St Wilfrid’s from 10am until 3pm.


For full details of Lenten Services at St Wilfrid's (and St Joseph's) please click here.