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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Clothing Ceremony for Br Henry O'Connell

Community 150316Br Henry O'Connell received the habit of St Philip on Monday, 16th March at St Wilfrid's, our second novice for York and the first to be clothed in the habit here. The date is significant. It is the anniversary of the famous Massimo Miracle in Rome when St Philip raised the young Paolo Massimo from the dead. The event is still celebrated annually in Rome at the Palazzo Massimi where the house is open to the public for one day only and Mass is celebrated in the family chapel. Please remember Br Henry in your prayers. Br Henry is in the back row, first on the left and pictured with other Fathers and Brothers of the Oxford Oratory.Massimo1-400x300St Philip raising Paolo Massimo from the dead.