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Sunday 16 May 2021

On northern coasts


Watch Mass, Novena, and Benediction on Monday 17th May by clicking here: York Oratory YouTube

Here is the text of the novena: SPN Novena

The hymn before the novena is On Northern coasts by our Cardinal, Saint John Henry Newman.  Here are the words; join in at home!

1.On northern coasts our lot is cast,

Where faithful hearts are few;

Still are we Philip’s children dear,

And Peter’s soldiers true.

2. Founder and Sire! to mighty Rome,

Beneath St Peter’s shade,

Thy early vow of loyal love

And ministry was paid.

3. The ample porch and portal high

Of Peter was thy home;

The world’s Apostle he, and thou

Apostle of his Rome.

4. And first in the old Catacombs,

In galleries long and deep,

Where martyr Popes had ruled their flock,

And slept their glorious sleep.

5. There in the night the youthful Saint

To heaven his prayers addressed,

Till a new Pentecost came down,

And burned within his breast.

6. And in that heart-consuming love

He walked the city wide;

And lured the noble and the young

From Babel’s pomp and pride.

7. And gathering them within his cell,

Unveiled the lustre bright

And beauty of his inner soul,

And won them by the sight.

8. And when he died, he did but go

In other lands to dwell,

A traveller now, who in his life

Ne’er left that one dear cell.

9. He travelled and he travelled on,

 He crossed the swelling sea,

He sought our island’s very heart,

And here at length is he.

10. Glory to God, who framed a Saint

So beautiful and sweet:

Who brought him from St Peter’s side,

And placed us at his feet.

Saturday 15 May 2021

The novena begins

Screen-Shot-2020-05-28-at-3.30.14-PM-1080x675On Sunday evening we begin the novena in preparation for St Philip's Day, which then continues each day after the 12.10pm Mass.

If you would like to join in at home, here is the text of the novena prayers:

SPN Novena

We'll also put up the different hymns to St Philip each day. Here is the first one, 'St Philip in his School', by our Cardinal, Saint John Henry Newman:

Saint Philip in His School.

This is the Saint of gentleness and kindness,
Cheerful in penance, and in precept winning:
Patiently healing of their pride and blindness,
Souls that are sinning.

This is the Saint, who, when the world allures us,
Cries her false wares, and opes her magic coffers,
Points to a better city, and secures us
With richer offers.

Love is his bond, he knows no other fetter,
Asks not our all, but takes whate'er we spare him,
Willing to draw us on from good to better,
As we can bear him.

When he comes near to teach us and to bless us,
Prayer is so sweet, that hours are but a minute;
Mirth is so pure, though freely it possess us,
Sin is not in it.

Thus he conducts, by holy paths and pleasant,
Innocent souls, and sinful souls forgiven,
Towards the bright palace, where our God is present,
Throned in high heaven.

Friday 14 May 2021

Mass intentions for the week beginning Saturday, 15th May

011A9230-Version-3Please click here for a list of the Mass intentions for the week beginning Saturday, 15th May.

Friday 14 May 2021

Come, Holy Spirit


After the Ascension, Our Lady and the Apostles stayed praying together in the Upper Room, awaiting the arrival of the Holy Spirit, who would impel the Church to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This prayer in the Upper Room was the first novena.

Our Holy Father, St Philip, in his youth spent ten years praying in the Roman catacombs, until on the vigil of Pentecost 1544 the Holy Spirit burst into his heart in the form of a ball of fire. Philip fell to the ground, overcome by this wound of love, and cried out, "No more Lord, no more!" For the rest of his life his heart remained double the normal size and gave off a great heat. Those drawing near to Philip's heart felt great consolation and solace. The love of God poured into Philip's heart impelled him to evangelize Rome, becoming the 'Third Apostle of Rome', and to found our Congregation for the good of souls.

We begin our own novena this Sunday, 16th May, to prepare for the Solemnity of St Philip on 26th May. The novena will be after Vespers (4pm) on Sundays, and after the 12.10pm Mass every other day.

Our main celebration this year will be at 6pm on Tuesday, 25th May: Solemn First Vespers and Benediction, followed by a reception in the garden.

The 12.10pm Mass on Wednesday 26th May will be a sung English Mass for St Philip's Day.

Saint Philip, Vessel of the Holy Ghost, Apostle of Rome - pray for us!

Thursday 13 May 2021

Twenty years ago...

Twenty years ago today, on 13th May 2001, Fr Daniel was ordained priest. Please pray for him today, and for vocations to the priesthood and to the Oratory. ord4ord5

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Mass intentions for the week beginning Saturday, 8th May

Please click here for a list of the Mass intentions for the week beginning Saturday, 8th May. (Sorry it's late this week, Fr R).

Monday 10 May 2021

The hidden things belong to the Lord our God

This week's Talking Heads is a bit more cheerful than last week's. Moses is reaching the home strait, and we are nearly at the end of Deuteronomy as we hear about Chapter 29. Watch it here. 
Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 11.25.10
Sunday 9 May 2021

The Spirit of Saint Francis

Today we welcomed the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal over from Leeds, and a visit from Lara, the cat next door, proved that the Franciscan charism is alive and well:


The Sisters also clearly have a great power of prayer, since the weather held out well enough for us to have a barbecue with them in the garden:

IMG_1831 IMG_1834 IMG_1835
After lunch they enjoyed a tour of the city of York, including the Shrine of St Margaret Clitherow:IMG_1847


Saturday 8 May 2021

Oratory School Vacancy

The Oratory School is seeking to appoint for September 2021 a lay man or woman who is in full communion with the Catholic Church and fully in sympathy with its Oratorian ethos to the exciting new post of Coordinator of Spiritual Life. Please see here for more details: Vacancy: Coordinator of Spiritual Life @ The Oratory School


The Oratory School was founded in 1859 by our Cardinal, Saint John Henry Newman. The Oratory is an HMC, co-educational, independent school for pupils aged 11 to 18, providing an all-round education of quality and purpose.

Thursday 6 May 2021

Our Easter Flowers....

Here are a few (belated) photographs of our Easter flowers. Many thanks to Amy Bates and Marie-Ange Gravêthe and their team of helpers.IMG_3051 IMG_3060IMG_3058IMG_3057IMG_3056IMG_3055IMG_3052IMG_3050IMG_3047