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Friday 3 December 2021

Thus have I, Wall, my part discharged so

Redecoration has begun on the downstairs meeting room at More House:

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Thursday 2 December 2021

Mass intentions for the week beginning, Saturday, 4th December

IMG_2957Please click here for a list of Mass intentions for the week beginning, Saturday, 4th December.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Jephthah - An Irresponsible Father


Jephthah is filled with the Spirit of the Lord, but he makes a rash vow and his daughter pays the price. Meanwhile, the Ephraimites are cross not to be picked for the team and a bloody civil war ensues, with dire consequences for anyone speaking with a northern accent.

Hear all about it in the last of this year's Talking Heads, by clicking here.

Wednesday 1 December 2021

In Defence of Life


Members of the York Society for the Protection of Unborn Children raise awareness of Life issues in the porch of our church.

Tuesday 30 November 2021

A Day Out at Home

The Brothers of the Little Oratory were planning a pre-St Andrew's Day jaunt to Edinburgh on Saturday but were thwarted by Storm Arwen. Instead they spent the day prayerfully, usefully, and enjoyably, in York. In the evening they came for dinner at the Oratory and Fr Richard cooked an exotic dish from over the Pennines: Lancashire hotpot. IMG_2965 IMG_2971 IMG_2973

Monday 29 November 2021

The Church's Year begins

IMG_2975 IMG_2976

Advent began seasonably, with a light dusting of snow. IMG_2981

There was plenty of cake to warm us in the Upper Room:
IMG_2985 2

New year, new Christian:IMG_2996

Sunday 28 November 2021



"Year passes after year silently; Christ's coming is ever nearer than it was. O that, as He comes nearer earth, we may approach nearer heaven!"

St John Henry Newman

Saturday 27 November 2021

Newsletter - by another means

The internet is misbehaving, and so you can't find this week's newsletter by the usual means, but here it is below. We hope to recalibrate the protocols soon!


Saturday 27 November 2021

The novena begins tomorrow


Our Lady’s altarino is ready for the novena in preparation for the Immaculata.

Friday 26 November 2021

Mass intentions for the week beginning Saturday, 27th November

15039494_1148403338546070_5128597387563113254_oPlease click here for a list of the Mass intentions for the week beginning Saturday, 27th November.